Used car shopping checklist for stress-free car buying by mechanic Craig Jones. Follow the action steps, checklist and deposit receipt forms.

Buying A Private Car eBook Tool Kit

Used Car Buying Guide by BPC Auto Inspect

When in the market for a second-hand car, unlike buying from a car dealer, you enjoy the following benefits. Like a guaranteed clear title, cooling-off period, statutory warranty, and mechanical inspection. However, when purchasing from a private sale, you don’t get these guarantees, warranties and used car checks before buying.

With my Buying A Private Car eBook Tool Kit, you can do your due diligence quickly and easily by knowing what to inspect confidently. Let the used car shopping checklist be your guide to uncovering the “gem in the rough”!

Buying A Private Car eBook

Grab a copy of my eBook, ‘Buying A Private Car’ so you can have a qualified motor mechanic (that’s me) take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way in the car buying process…

Are you asking yourself any of these car-buying questions…

How do I know what type of car to buy?

How do I know if the seller is telling me the truth?

How do I narrow my search list to make the final product decision?

How do I buy a mechanically sound vehicle?

How can I be sure I won’t have to spend money on after-purchase servicing or repairs?

How do I know EXACTLY how much to pay?

How do I protect myself?

How do I negotiate the best deal?

Expert Tips for Used Car Shopping and Past Inspections

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