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Why Choose BPC Auto Inspect To Get Your Pre Purchase Car Inspection?

BPC Auto Inspect offers a fast and convenient mobile pre purchase car inspection Brisbane service to most suburbs. Qualified mechanic Craig Jones has over 30 years of experience specialising in mobile pre purchase inspections, you get the best service, facts about the car and expert advice so you can avoid the lemons and buy with peace of mind.

The mobile pre-purchase car inspection report gives you everything you need to make your buying decision with peace of mind. You see Craig goes beyond the mechanical check and inspects the vehicle registration status, history status, financial status and more so you’re buying the vehicle you think you’re buying. He includes everything you need to buy a used car safely and with peace of mind. See below for everything you get.

Mobile Pre Purchase Car Inspection Report Includes:

Vehicle Photos

Road Test

Diagnostic Scan



Body & Paint

Car History

Vehicle Finance

Car History Check
Car History Check
Pre purchase car inspection diagnostic scan report
Diagnostic Scan Report


Because you don’t want to miss out on what could be a great car BPC offers a fast, affordable and convenient service including same-day service to all Brisbane suburbs.


With more than 30 years of experience offering mobile pre-purchase inspections to help second-hand car buyers know what they’re buying before they take the key.


At BPC Auto Inspect Craig makes it easy for car buyers to choose and book a mobile pre-purchase car inspection. Book online in 2 easy steps so you know what you’re buying.

Is A Car History Check Included?

Yes, all our mobile vehicle inspections include a car history check. This checks if there’s a financial security interest attached to the vehicle (REVS), registration status, any insurance claims for past accidents including WOVR Check and if the vehicle has been stolen. Some of the information is sourced from the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System(NEVDIS)

Do I Get Pre Purchase Reports Same Day?

Absolutely, the pre-purchase mechanical inspection report, car history report, diagnostic scan report, and Images will be delivered to your email inbox immediately after the inspection.

Do I Get To Speak To The Mechanic?

After Craig sends you the reports and images you will then get an over-the-phone report at a time that's convenient for you. He will give you an unbiased opinion of the vehicle in general and if the seller has put back what they have taken by routine servicing of the vehicle and regular replacement of periodic service items. You will also know what future servicing or repairs need doing including any costs that you may be up for if you decide to purchase the vehicle. This also gives you a powerful negotiating tool to save money! The verbal pre-purchase inspection report “talks your language” so you will always understand.
Toyota Hilux 4WD Pre Purchase Car Inspection
Toyota Hilux Mobile Pre Purchase Car Inspection Example

Mobile Pre Purchase Car Inspection Examples:

Toyota Hilux Comprehensive Pre Purchase Car Inspection Exposes:

This 2015 Toyota Hilux (KUN26R) SR5 4-door utility done only 27,608 km didn’t show any of the obvious signs of any real ex mine use but when getting underneath to inspect the vehicle using a fine-tooth comb look what I discovered.

What people say

Hi Craig,

just wanted to thank you for your prompt service.
I purchased the little red VW Polo. Great buy I think. Thank you for your advice and I will be recommending you to anyone in need of a mobile pre-purchase car inspection.
Kind regards,


Hi Craig,

thank you very much for the report and the photos. I’m impressed with your operation, thanks again for doing a great job.


Some Pre Purchase Car Inspection FAQs

How much is a pre-purchase inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection is more than a safety inspection or commonly known as a roadworthy inspection. This is because a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection can take between 1-2 hours depending on what is checked. Also, another factor that can determine price depends on where the vehicle is located. It's safe to say mobile pre-purchase car inspection costs can vary between $200 - $350. 

Is a pre-purchase inspection worth it?

Absolutely, but do keep in mind not all pre-purchase inspections are the same. Also, many companies make you pick and choose between different plans and what checks you want. This can be confusing and many don't offer finance checks. With BPC Auto Inspect you get everything including:
  1. If there are any immediate problems with the vehicle and what servicing/repairs will need to be carried out in future
  2. If the seller has put back what they have taken by routine servicing and regular replacement of periodic service items
  3. Any immediate costs that you may be up for giving you a powerful negotiating tool saving you money!
  4. Any body repairs or previous accident damage which you really need to know!
  5. If you’re buying what you think you’re buying with vehicle identification checks
  6. If there is any finance owing on vehicle (REVS/PPSR)
  7. The car history – written-off or stolen status
  8. You will be armed with some powerful tools to buy the right car, negotiate the right price and give yourself peace of mind!

To get more answers to frequently asked questions including what is the difference between a pre-purchase inspection and roadworthy or safety inspection see FAQs page.

Buying A Used Car?

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