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Mitsubishi common problems and issues- Past pre-purchase inspections by BPC Auto Inspect.

Mitsubishi Pajero Mods with Nolathane Bushes, Pedders Air Assist, Long Range Fuel Tank and Other Accessories

Mitsubishi Pajero Mods: 4 Smart Proven Upgrades

Mitsubishi Pajero Mods: Boost your Pajero’s performance and style with these 4 smart, proven upgrades. Take it to the next level! I carried out a pre-purchase inspection on this Mitsubishi Pajero at a local car dealer and found some Pajero upgrades to…

Mitsubishi Pajero vehicle front

Mitsubishi Pajero Issues Exposed 32,000ks

Want to know what are some common Mitsubishi Pajero issues when inspecting to buy? Check out my pre-purchase inspection on this 2011 Pajero done only 32,751 k’s This pre-purchase vehicle inspection by BPC Auto Inspect on a 2011 Mitsubishi Pajero…