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Mitsubishi Pajero vehicle front

Mitsubishi Pajero Issues Exposed 32,000ks

Want to know what are some common Mitsubishi Pajero issues when inspecting to buy. Check out my pre-purchase inspection on this 2011 Pajero done only 32,751 k’s Pre-purchase vehicle inspection on 2011 Mitsubishi Pajero NW Turbo Diesel, Manual has done only 32,751 kilometres was a surprise. Like unpeeling a perfectly good looking onion but discovering a bad core. Mitsubishi Pajero… Read More »Mitsubishi Pajero Issues Exposed 32,000ks

Engine Oil Change

Engine Oil Change Intervals Made Easy?

Understanding engine oil change intervals with different motor oils and when you should change yours more frequently than the manufacturer’s recommendations in your owner’s manual. An engine oil change is crucial because there are a lot of additives in the oil that become dirty and essentially wear out causing the lubricating properties that protect the engine to diminish. This results… Read More »Engine Oil Change Intervals Made Easy?

Ford Territory issues, leaking rear main oil seal

Ford Territory Issues & Common Problems

Here are some Ford Territory issues and common problems that you can check before you go ahead and purchase one. Including videos on how to fix problems. As you may know, there are some well known documented common problems or often referred to as textbook problems with the Ford Territories due to the vehicle’s weight, towing capacity, high kilowatts and… Read More »Ford Territory Issues & Common Problems

Guide To Selling A Car In QLD

Selling A Car In Queensland Made Easy

Selling a car in Queensland privately can be very confusing and tricky so keep reading to find out what certificates and paperwork you must do by law when selling a currently registered vehicle or unregistered vehicle in Queensland. There are many different terms used by each state or territory in Australia which is why it can be confusing for both… Read More »Selling A Car In Queensland Made Easy