About BPC Auto Inspect and qualified mechanic Craig Jones? With over 30 years of experience helping people buy a used car with confidence, he can help you too.

Who is Craig Jones?

About Craig Jones and BPC Auto Inspect
Craig Jones

The extensive qualifications, skills and experience that Craig has gained whilst working across all areas of the automotive industry in both Australia and Japan have allowed him to continue to help car buyers get the facts before they buy, say no to lemons and stay safe when buying a used car.

Craig loves travelling to Japan not only to check out what is new in automotive but what other crazy stuff is going on in such a quirky country.

He lived and worked in Japan off and on for almost 5 years in both the automotive industry and the English teaching industry.

Buying A Private Car eBook

B.P.C is an acronym for Buying Private Car. Before Craig moved to Brisbane in 2011 he owned and operated a mobile mechanic business in Tasmania. During that time he realised car buyers had no protection at all when buying a used car from a private seller. This was mainly because private sellers weren’t required to get a mechanical safety inspection (roadworthy) before listing and offering a vehicle for sale to the public.

So most car buyers had no idea if the vehicle they were test driving or about to purchase was safe.

Also, another problem Craig found was car buyers didn’t want to pay for a pre-purchase car inspection on every car they were interested in and came up with a solution. Let’s face it, buying a used car can be hard work and dangerous! Especially if you are not armed with the right knowledge to keep you street smart and have a plan so you don’t get exhausted and just end up buying any car.

Buying A Private Car eBook By Craig Jones

So to help car buyers buy the right used car, negotiate and protect themselves Craig created Buying A Private Car eBook and the Free Car Buying Made Easy Tool Kit. After following the action steps car buyers were able to weed out the potential lemons and find the best-used car before contacting Craig to arrange a final pre-purchase inspection. The eBook has been a huge help for car buyers and even branding rights were sold to Escrow Angel for vehicle escrow services.

How to Book an Inspection?

Craig knows you don’t want to miss out on what could be a great car so he offers a fast, affordable and convenient service. You will get a mobile service that delivers a comprehensive written pre-purchase mechanical inspection report along with any notable images and a vehicle history report straight to your inbox immediately after the vehicle inspection. You will also get an over the phone report that you will be able to understand easily. He’llĀ even contact the seller to arrange an inspection time if that is more convenient for you.

To see the price and book an urgent mobile pre-purchase car inspection simply complete the online booking form so Craig can arrange inspection time with the seller.