About BPC Auto Inspect and Craig Jones.

Learn more about BPC Auto Inspect and how mobile mechanic Craig Jones can inspect the car you want to buy so you can buy it with peace of mind.

About BPC Auto Inspect

BPC Auto Inspect, led by Craig Jones, is a trusted name in pre-purchase inspections. Servicing the Brisbane area and surrounds for over ten years. BPC offers the most comprehensive and meticulous vehicle inspections, ensuring informed buying decisions.

Customer Reviews

“Craig inspected the vehicle and took plenty of photos. His inspection was very comprehensive and he calls you to explain it , which is fantastic as I’m not a car person! We didn’t buy the car on this occasion as it was not what it was advertised as and Craig advised that it should not have passed a Road Worthy. I will keep looking for a car and will definitely get Craig to inspect it once I find one.”


Craig was great, complete report and updated me in laemens terms and answered any questions all within an hour of the inspection.


Who Is Craig Jones?

The extensive qualifications, skills and experience that Craig has gained whilst working across all areas of the automotive industry in both Australia and Japan have allowed him to continue to help car buyers do important checks when buying a car from a private seller. With the expert articles, steps, tips and checks you can weed out potential lemons on your short list of cars to buy before contacting Craig to arrange a final comprehensive mobile pre purchase vehicle inspection in Brisbane.