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Toyota common problems and issues- Past pre-purchase inspections by BPC Auto Inspect.

Toyota V8 Diesel Engine Problems In LandCruiser - Beware Of Top 3 Issues

Toyota V8 Diesel Engine Problems

Toyota V8 Diesel Engine Problems – Watch out for oil filter housing, oil pick-up and injector issues on the 4.5 L 1VD-FTV V8 Diesel LandCruiser. Common Toyota V8 Diesel Engine Problems Owning a Toyota with a 1VD-FTV V8 diesel engine,…

Toyota Hilux pre-purchase-vehicle-inspection showing ex mine vehicle

Buying Ex Mine Vehicles – 3 Warning Signs

Buying ex-mine vehicles can save you thousands but some vehicle components can be subject to corrosion as shown with this 2015 Toyota Hilux Dual Cab. Firstly there are mine vehicles that get parked next to the boss’s donger (transportable cabin)…

Toyota Prado Problems

Toyota Prado Problems: Common Issues and Solutions

Identify potential Toyota Prado problems – both diesel and petrol – before purchasing a used one, ensuring you avoid buying a lemon. Toyota Prado Common Problems Make sure you know what you’re buying and don’t just accept that every Toyota…