Toyota V8 Diesel Engine Problems In LandCruiser - Beware Of Top 3 Issues

Toyota V8 Diesel Engine Problems

Toyota V8 Diesel Engine Problems – Watch out for oil filter housing, oil pick-up and injector issues on the 4.5 L 1VD-FTV V8 Diesel LandCruiser.

Common Toyota V8 Diesel Engine Problems

Owning a Toyota with a 1VD-FTV V8 diesel engine, like those found in LandCruiser models, can be fantastic for towing and off-roading. But, like any engine, they have a few known issues to watch out for when buying and servicing:

Plastic Oil Strainer/Pick Up

These engines can suffer from a weak plastic oil pick-up/strainer which can break and starve the engine of oil. Over time, the plastic pick-up cracks and degrades, reducing oil flow and starving the engine of oil. Because it’s a serviceable item you can regularly inspect the oil pick-up or replacing the pick-up with a metal aftermarket option is a good preventative measure. You can buy a replacement Oil Pick Up / Strainer* (eBay affiliate link) To Suit Toyota 1VD-FTV at eBay.

Oil Filter Cap Failure

This one is prevalent and can be serious. The 4.5 L Toyota 1VD-FTV V8 engine has a cartridge-style oil filter. The oil filter cap has a spout up the centre to hold the oil filter in place. This spout can become loose or breakaway. If this happens and goes unnoticed during an oil change the new filter will be unsupported and then get sucked in restricting oil flow and leading to engine failure.

Luckily, prevention is simple. Always double-check that the spout is still attached to the cap when changing your oil filter. You can buy an aftermarket or Toyota genuine oil filter cap* (eBay affiliate link) from eBay. Watch the YouTube video playlist below from D-4D engines on what to check when replacing the oil filter and other common problems.

Injector Problems

While not the most common issue, Toyota V8 diesels, like the 1VD-FTV, can experience injector problems. Here’s the thing though:

Symptoms can be misleading: While a bad injector can cause rough idling, reduced power, and increased smoke, other engine issues can mimic these symptoms. Faulty glow plugs, compression problems, and even bad fuel can cause similar behaviour.

Diagnosis is key: Don’t jump straight to replacing injectors, which can be expensive. There are tests a mechanic can perform to diagnose injector health. This might involve checking injector balance rates with specialized software or performing a return rate test.

Here are Some Tips:

  • Listen for the engine: Rough idle, hesitation during acceleration, and black smoke are all potential signs of injector issues, but not guaranteed.
  • Pay attention to fuel efficiency: A significant drop in fuel economy could indicate injector problems among other causes.
  • Get a proper diagnosis: A qualified mechanic with the right tools can pinpoint the exact issue and recommend the best action.

Unfortunately, checking injector feedback values, injector correction, and injector compensation isn’t recommended for DIY car enthusiasts. These tasks require specialized tools and knowledge to interpret the data accurately. Take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic with experience working on Toyota V8 diesel engines. They will have the necessary tools and expertise to diagnose injector issues accurately. Look for a workshop with a good reputation. Ask around or check online reviews to find a reliable mechanic who specializes in diesel engines.

While there isn’t a “best scan tool” for purchase in Australia for these specific checks, some workshops might use car diagnostic tools like:

  • Advanced OBD-II Scanners: These offer more functionalities than basic code readers, potentially including live data streams for injector performance.
  • Manufacturer-Specific Scan Tools: Certain brands like Toyota might have diagnostic software that provides detailed injector data and correction options.

Attempting these checks yourself might lead to misdiagnosis and unnecessary repair costs. It’s best to leave this task to a qualified mechanic who can ensure a proper diagnosis and repair plan.

Buying a Used Toyota LandCruiser?

If you’re buying a car from a private seller, avoid any car with a service history that looks patchy or has skipped intervals. Get a mechanic to perform a pre-purchase inspection to identify potential problems.

These are just a few common issues to watch out for with Toyota’s 1VD-FTV V8 diesel engine. By being aware of these problems and taking steps to prevent them, you can enjoy many kilometres of reliable service from your Toyota.

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