Best Jump Starter Australia – Never Get Stranded Again

Best Jump Starter Australia – Choosing the best jump starter for your needs in Australia can be overwhelming, we break it down so you don’t have to.

A dead car battery can leave you stranded and frustrated, especially in the vast Australian landscape. Thankfully, portable jump starters have become a lifesaver for drivers, offering a quick and convenient way to get back on the road. But with so many options available, choosing the best jump starter for your needs in Australia can be overwhelming.

This comprehensive guide will break down the different types of jump starters, and key considerations for choosing the right one, and explore the top contenders in the Australian market. Whether you’re looking for a compact power bank with jumpstarting capabilities or a heavy-duty pack for tackling large diesel engines, we’ve got you covered.

Understanding the Jargon: Jump Starter, Jump Kit, Power Bank – What’s the Difference?

While the terms “jump starter,” “jump-start kit,” “battery starter jumper,” and “jump starter power bank” are often used interchangeably, there are subtle distinctions:

  • Jump Starter Pack – This is the most common term for a portable unit containing a battery, jumper cables, and safety features to jump-start a dead car battery.
  • Jump Start Kit – This can refer to a more basic package that includes jumper cables, clamps, and maybe a carrying case, but no internal battery for jumpstarting.
  • Battery Starter Jumper – This is another way of saying “jump starter pack.”
  • Jump Starter Power Bank – This refers to a jump starter that also doubles as a power bank for charging your electronic devices like phones, laptops, or tablets.

There are two main categories of jump starters to consider

  • Lead-Acid Jump Starters: These are the traditional, more affordable option. However, they tend to be bulky and heavier and require more frequent maintenance (recharging) compared to their lithium counterparts.
  • Lithium Jump Starters: Lighter, more compact, and hold a charge for longer periods, making them ideal for infrequent use or storage in extreme temperatures. However, they come with a higher price tag.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Jump Starter in Australia

With a wide variety of lithium jump starters available in Australia, here are some crucial factors to consider before making your purchase:

  • Cranking Amps (CA) or Peak Amps – Peak amps measure the maximum power a jump starter can deliver in short bursts while cranking amps indicate the maximum continuation of current the jump starter can deliver to crank your engine. A higher CA rating is better suited for larger engines (V8s, trucks, SUVs) or diesel engines, which require more power to start.
  • Battery Capacity (mAh) – This indicates how many times a jump starter can deliver a jumpstart on a single charge. Higher mAh is ideal for multiple jumpstarts or powering devices for extended periods.
  • Portability and Size – Compact and lightweight jump starters are easier to store in your car but may have lower cranking power. Consider your storage space and how often you anticipate needing a jumpstart.
  • Safety Features – Look for jump starters with built-in safety features like spark protection, reverse polarity protection, and over-current protection to prevent damage to your vehicle’s electrical system.
  • Additional Features – Some jump starters offer LED flashlights, USB ports for charging devices, or even air compressors for inflating tyres.
  • Budget – Jump starters range in price from around $50 for basic models to over $500 for high-end, multi-function units. Determine your needs and set a realistic budget before exploring options.

Top Picks for Best Jump Starters in Australia

Now that you understand the different types and key considerations, let’s explore some of the best jump starters available in Australia:

NOCO Boost X Series

This lithium jump starter series from NOCO* (eBay affiliate link) offers a winning combination of high-cranking amps (up to 6000A), compact size, and safety features. It can jump-start most petrol and diesel vehicles and comes with a USB-C port for additional device charging.

NOCO GB250+ 5250A Jump Starter

The NOCO GB250+* (eBay affiliate link) is a portable lithium battery booster designed for vehicles with a power output of 250 amps or higher, capable of jump-starting petrol and diesel engines ranging from up to 16 litres. This heavy-duty lithium jump starter from NOCO packs a punch with a massive 5250A peak current. It’s designed to handle the demands of starting large diesel engines like those found in trucks and SUVs. It is suitable for various applications, including semi-trucks (class 8 and above), motorhomes, coaches, buses, mining, agricultural, construction, and vocational machinery, featuring engines of 6, 8, 12, and 16 cylinders, among others.

My Best Jump Starter Australia Conditions

Rooboost Extreme Safe Jump Starter & Power Bank

Extreme temperatures experienced in Australia can impact battery performance. That’s why I chose the Rooboost jump starter* (eBay affiliate link) & power Bank for Australian conditions and has never let me down. You can read my Rooboost 2000A jump starter review.

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