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Vehicle Finance Check Free Australia Wide

Find out whether the used car you’re buying has any money owing on it, has been stolen or written off with a free vehicle finance check. Get your report now. Also, learn what’s included in a comprehensive car history check that you don’t get with a PPSR check.

What Happened to Free REVS Check?

REVS is an acronym for Register of Encumbered Vehicles. Encumbered vehicles (revs) mean the vehicle has a financial security interest on it. Meaning, if you are buying a car from a private seller and they have an outstanding car loan attached to the vehicle this is called an encumbrance.

REVS, Revs Check Qld, Vin Check New South Wales better known as the “Revs check free” information system was decommissioned in Jan 2012.

What is The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)?

You might have heard about the new Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR). If not then you definitely need to keep reading to understand, bring yourself up to date with the changes.

PPSR is short for Personal Property Securities Register. PPSR Check is a national database where financial interests in personal property, including vehicles, can be registered and searched.

vehicle finance check free using PPSR

What Does A PPSR Check Include?

  • Financial Encumbrances
  • (Money owing on the vehicle)
  • Stolen Vehicle Status
  • Written Off Status:
  • Storm, Flood, Collision, Repairable Write-Off
  • Vehicle Details:
  • Make, Model, Year, Colour, Body Type,
  • Vehicle Type, Engine Number, VIN
  • Rego Number, Rego Expiry Date, State

How To Do A Vehicle Finance Check Free Using PPSR Check?

The Vehicle Identification Number is the equivalent of a human’s DNA. So it is the best way to get the vehicle history telling you if the vehicle is: under finance, stolen or written-off. Like this example of repairable write off Queensland vehicle.

The VIN number lookup data comes from the PPS register as well as National Vehicle Database known as NEVDIS, both are Australian Government entities, so rest assured you can be sure the results will be accurate.

So, Where can I Find the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) To Do A Vehicle Finance Check?

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique 17 character number allocated to every vehicle sold in Australia since 1989. Pre 1989 vehicles don’t have VIN. Use chassis number instead to search. The VIN is usually stamped into the vehicle structure. VIN is, exactly 17 Characters & never contains letters ‘I’, ‘O’, ‘Q’

  • Build plaque in Engine bay
  • Passenger side windshield
  • Door jamb or Boot

Budget Direct offers a free car finance check using PPSR search. It is a good service, especially when buying a second-hand car but it doesn’t include a complete car history check like the service below.

Should I Get A Complete Car History Check?

If you want peace of mind you’re getting all the facts about the car’s history including:

  • Vehicle’s valuation
  • Sales listings
  • Odometer readings
  • Official PPSR Report

then I recommend you to do a car history check using one of the private companies like or The car history check includes the official PPSR report and provides a comprehensive report about the vehicle’s valuation, sales listings and odometer readings. Also, It is a much more user-friendly way especially if you’re using a mobile device. Small price to pay I think for peace of mind you’re getting all the facts about the car’s history.

Most companies include vehicle market value or even a certificate too. You can use this certificate to get a higher price for your car or a cheaper price for the car you’re buying.

Buying Privately V’s Dealer

Remember buying a used car from a private seller is different and carries more risk than buying from a licensed car dealer. It is your responsibility to check if there’s any money owing on the vehicle (car loan) before you hand over your money. Check report and if you are buying a car with finance owing (financial interest attached to it) then follow the 3 action steps so you can buy with a clear title.

Registration check to see if the vehicle is currently registered and you’re not buying an unregistered vehicle can also be done on the PPSR report by looking under Additional Motor Vehicle Details – NEVDIS. You will see registration plate number, state vehicle registered and registration expiry. You can also do free rego checks to check the registration status using most state or territory websites.


When purchasing a used car, it’s critical to focus on the facts and not let emotions or trust issues cloud your judgement. A good business/purchase decision is based on knowledge and facts, not relying on trust in the seller. It is easy to find yourself in a bad situation without the right car knowledge. So I recommend you download my free Street smart Tool Kit and get the information you need to make an informed decision. It will also help you know what to ask for and how to get it documented properly when it’s time to pay. If you’re buying a used car in the Brisbane area consider getting a pre-purchase car inspection by BPC Auto Inspect.

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