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Ford Ranger 3.2 Issues & Common Problems

Ford Ranger issues and common problems you can check yourself when buying any second-hand Ford PX Ranger so you don’t buy a lemon.

Common Problems With Ford Ranger or Mazda BT-50

There are some well known documented common problems or often referred to as textbook problems with the PX Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50.

Coolant Hoses Leaking

If you look around the passenger side of your Ford PX Ranger or Mazda BT-50 you will find various fuel hoses, airconditioning hoses and even cables going to the starter motor that have convoluted protector conduit on them. Check that these hoses or cables are not rubbing on the auto transmission heat exchanger coolant hose or other heater hoses. If they are check for damage and have the coolant hoses replaced if necessary. Also, insulate the new coolant hoses and make sure the clips or fasteners that secure these hoses away from coolant hoses aren’t broken.

EGR Cooler Leaking

For those who don’t know EGR is an acronym for Exhaust Gas Recirculation and sits at the back of the engine with 2 heater hoses connected. An inlet and outlet hose is used to cool exhaust gases in the engine.

The common problem is the EGR cooler is known to split internally causing coolant to leak externally and worse, internally into the combustion chamber causing hydrolock similar to what happens when you try and start a flood-damaged car. Major engine damage, like a cracked cylinder head or bent piston connecting rods.

Unsealed 4X4 magazine mentions a specialist workshop can test the EGR cooler.

A specialist workshop will be able to test your EGR to see whether it’s leaking or not. The test involves pumping fluorescent fluid into the EGR assembly, pressurising the EGR to beyond its normal operating pressure and checking for leaks with a fluorescent light.

Unsealed 4×4

Ford Ranger 3.2 Timing Cover Oil Leak

Another common problem that shows up on the Ford PX Ranger 3.2-litre is an engine oil leak around the front timing cover area. This 2013 Ranger PX shows a possible timing cover oil leak. If you see this amount of oil in one area I suggest clean the entire area down and monitor the leak to pinpoint where it may be coming from. Possible areas could be timing case oil seal, timing cover gasket or sump gasket.

Buying A Used Ford Ranger?

If you’re going to inspect a Ranger or BT-50 I strongly advise getting an independent pre-purchase car inspection. Also, if you’re buying from a private seller make sure you do a vehicle finance check.