EV Labels QLD Mandatory

EV Sticker QLD: Are Now Mandatory

  • Post last modified:27/09/2023

Electric, hybrid or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles must now have EV stickers or labels attached to the Queensland registration number plate.

When Did EV Labels QLD Become Mandatory?

Starting on October 1, 2021, it is compulsory that all-electric vehicles manufactured after January 2019 include hybrid display ‘EV’ or ‘H’ labels attached to the car’s front and rear number plates.

Why Do You Have To Display EV Labels?

The design of these vehicles poses a threat to emergency personnel at the time of crashes. Simply by attaching an EV sticker on a rego plate emergency personnel can quickly identify these types of vehicles. Having specially-labelled vehicles including hydrogen can help minimize the risk.

Drivers have until January 1, 2022, to apply these labels. After this grace period, drivers without a display label will face a fine of $137.05 and lose one demerit point from their licence.

Where To Get EV Sticker QLD?

The EV sticker QLD is now available from sites like eBay. This includes hydrogen and hybrid stickers for registration number plates.

Also, label requirements for new electric vehicles, hybrid or hydrogen vehicles should be discussed with the car dealer (because they will have information on whether you need labels).

It’s up to you how to attach the labels on your plates – TMR doesn’t require any specific way. You could use screws, pop rivets or adhesive/double-sided tape.

See the Department of Transport and Main Roads website for specific instructions on labelling requirements for Electric Vehicles (including Hybrid) and Hydrogen Vehicles.

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