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Rooboost 2000a Jump Starter Review
  1. Rooboost 2000A Jump Starter Review Gallery
  2. Rooboost RB-2000 Winter
  3. Rooboost RB-2000 Vehicle Type
  4. Rooboost RB-2000 Vehicle Climate
  5. Rooboost RB-2000 SOS Light
  6. Rooboost RB-2000 Power Bank
  7. Rooboost RB-2000 Portable Power
  8. Rooboost RB-2000 Portable
  9. Rooboost RB-2000 Jump Starters
  10. Rooboost RB-2000 Jump Start
  11. Rooboost RB-2000 Battery Charger
  12. Rooboost RB-2000 Battery Booster
  13. Rooboost 2000a Jump Starter Review

Rooboost 2000A Jump Starter Review

  • Cranking Power (CCA or Amps)
  • Ease of Use
  • Safety Features
  • Additional Features
  • Battery Capacity
  • Brand Reputation
5/5Overall Score

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  • Model:: RB-2000
  • Suitable for Vehicles:: Up to 10.0L Petrol or 8.0L Diesel
  • Start Voltage:: 12V
  • Peak Current:: 2000A
  • Start Current:: 1000A
  • Internal Battery:: Lithium Ion, 20000mAh (74Wh)
  • Lifetime: 1000 Cycle
  • Input:: USB Type-C [5V/3A]
  • Outputs:: 4 Types
  • Output1:: USB Charging [5V/2.1A]
  • Output2:: USB Quick Charging [5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A]
  • Output3:: USB Type-C [5V/3A]
  • Output4:: DC [12~16.8V/10A]
  • Product Dimension:: 19.2 x 9 x 3.6 cm
  • Product Net Weight:: 0.6 kg
  • Compact and Portable - Small enough to fit in your glove box or under the seat, making it readily available in emergencies.
  • Powerful - 2000A peak cranking amps provide enough juice to jump-start most petrol engines up to 10 litres and diesel engines up to 8 litres.
  • Multifunctional - Doubles as a power bank to charge your phone, tablet, or other USB devices.
  • Safety Features - Built-in safeguards like spark protection, reverse polarity protection and over-current protection prevent damage to your vehicle and the jump starter itself.
  • Easy to Use - Simple operation with clear instructions makes jump-starting a breeze, even for non-mechanically inclined users.
  • Long Shelf Life - Holds its charge for extended periods, so it's ready when you need it.
  • Price - Compared to some budget jump starters, the Rooboost 2000A sits at a slightly higher price point.
  • Flimsy Cable Connectors (Some User Reports) - A few users have mentioned the plastic around the cable connectors feeling a bit cheap.

Rooboost 2000A Jump Starter Review – Why consider the Rooboost RB-2000 extreme safe jump starter and power bank? My verified purchase review dives into the specs, user experiences and functionalities to help you decide.

The Good

The Rooboost 2000A is just the right size, user-friendly and very light. I find the jump-start process straightforward with clear instructions and built-in safety features that give you confidence and Australian safety standards compliance. The unit is well-made and compact to store like all Rooboost jump starters.

I love the added functionality of a portable power bank especially the USB quick charging output and the LED flashlight is a bonus too. I use the power bank to charge my mobile phone using the USB port and various outputs including DC output, I can’t believe how fast it is. Also, the cigarette lighter socket is handy too.

Apart from having to jump-start many petrol and diesel vehicles, charging my scan tool on the go is important too. The Rooboost 2000a is reliable and effective in jump-starting various car models and works perfectly in all climates.

Comes with a 2-year extendable warranty and lifetime customer support.

The Okay

The 2000A peak cranking current is sufficient for most situations but I’m not sure about their claims up to 10.0L Petrol and 8.0L Diesel engines so I have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Suppose you drive a large truck, or SUV with a big engine and car battery, or frequently deal with very dead batteries. In that case, you might want to consider a jump starter with a higher cranking capacity like the NOCO GB250+ 5250A* (eBay affiliate link) Jump Starter.

The Bad

There isn’t much negative to say about the Rooboost 2000A. As mentioned, the capacity might be limited for very large engines or extremely dead batteries. A few minor quibbles include the potentially flimsy cable connectors, but I didn’t see that as a problem or think about it until I left a review on and read other people’s reviews.

Who is it for?

Trying to decide on the best jump starter is very confusing, the Rooboost 2000A is ideal for drivers of most petrol and diesel vehicles, particularly those who value portability and convenience. It’s perfect for everyday car owners, commuters, and anyone who wants to be prepared for a 12V vehicle dead battery situation. Store it in your glovebox to quickly jump start your car or for emergency power to charge your devices.

NOCO Boost HD 2000A UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter GB70

NOCO Boost HD 2000A* (eBay affiliate link) is a popular jump starter that offers a similar 2000A peak cranking current However, it’s slightly larger and pricier than the Rooboost.

GOOLOO Jump Starter 2000A

Gooloo GP-2000 is a more budget-friendly option with a 2000A peak cranking current. It might not be as powerful as the Rooboost RB-2000* (eBay affiliate link) for diesel engines, but it’s a good choice and highly recommended for smaller engines or those on a tighter budget looking for car jump starters.

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