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Choose the location, book and pay for your pre-purchase inspection Brisbane service online quickly and easily so you can buy with confidence.

To avoid buying a lemon, it’s essential to get a complete vehicle inspection before buying any used car. With BPC Auto Inspect, you can enjoy the convenience of a mobile pre-purchase vehicle inspection service. Mechanic, Craig Jones, offers a comprehensive inspection that rivals any service centre or other mobile mechanics and guarantees a complete check of the car you want to buy. Don’t compromise on quality when it comes to your pre-purchase inspection. Book early for same-day Brisbane pre-purchase inspections.

Mobile Pre Purchase Car Inspections Brisbane

We make it easy for car buyers to choose a mobile pre-purchase car inspection because our comprehensive report includes a mechanical check, body and paint check, car diagnostic scan, and vehicle finance and history checks. You get a complete condition report of the car giving you everything you need to make an informed buying decision potentially saving you money.

Every Mobile Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection Includes:

Vehicle Body Panel Check

Vehicle Photos: We provide detailed photographs of the vehicle, allowing you to assess its condition visually.

Body and Paint Check: We examine the body and paintwork for any signs of damage, previous repairs, or rust.

Mechanical Check: Engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, and other mechanical components to identify any potential issues.

Vehicle Diagnostic Report

Underbody Check: Our inspections cover the undercarriage, checking for rust, leaks, and structural integrity.

Road Test: We take the vehicle for a test drive to evaluate its performance, handling, and overall drivability.

Car Diagnostic Scan: Using advanced diagnostic equipment, we scan the vehicle’s computer systems to check for any fault codes.

Finance Check: We verify if there is any outstanding finance on the vehicle, providing you with peace of mind.

Car History Check: Car history check, including other vital information to ensure you’re making the right buying decision.

Over-Phone Report and More: Over-the-phone report so you can easily understand the vehicle’s condition.

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“Craig is exceptionally helpful, easy to talk to, trusting, and very thorough in his inspection reports. He takes the time to explain all the details clearly. I would highly recommend he put your mind at rest about whether to purchase a secondhand car. I would use him again. :)”

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Click the “Book Inspection” button. This will take you to a page where you can see the price and choose the service location.

  1. Choose a time that works for the Seller.
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Once you have completed these steps, your appointment will be booked.

Additional things to keep in mind:

Make sure that you have the vehicle year, make, and model – also, the seller’s name and mobile number before you start the booking process. Craig will always contact the seller to confirm the time and address where the vehicle is located for the Mobile Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection.
If you have any questions, see our FAQs or do not hesitate to contact us.