Affordable Pre Purchase Car Inspection

Affordable Alternative for Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

  • Post last modified:21/11/2023

Discover a budget-friendly alternative to getting a pre-purchase car inspection. Make a wise, affordable investment with peace of mind.

Buying a car can feel overwhelming. There’s a lot to think about. You definitely want to make a wise decision. One crucial step in the purchasing process is getting a pre-purchase car inspection. This inspection helps you spot any issues with the car before you commit to buying, saving you time, money and headaches in the long run.

Why is a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Important?

Well, it allows you to catch a range of problems that might exist with a used car, such as:

  • Immediate and future mechanical problems
  • Body and paint damage or previously repaired accident damage
  • Vehicle history concerns, written off or stolen status
  • Any financial security interests attached (encumbrance)

By spotting these problems early on, you can avoid making a costly mistake. For instance, if the mechanic discovers an issue with the car, you can negotiate for a lower price or even decide not to proceed with the purchase.

What Are the Different Kinds of Pre-Purchase Inspections Available?

There are two types of inspections:

  1. Mobile service: These inspections are at the seller’s location. Fast turnaround and convenience.
  2. Shop visits or fixed site inspections: These visits take place at a mechanic’s shop. While they can be more thorough they might also be more expensive, inconvenient and time-consuming.

How Much Does a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Cost?

The cost of a comprehensive pre-purchase car inspection where you get everything you need to make an informed decision varies depending on where the vehicle is located and the company you choose. However, expect to pay between $220 to $375.

Alternatives to Getting a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection From Motoring Organisations?

A budget alternative to getting a pre-purchase car inspection from a typical motoring organisation like NRMA and RACQ or from the much larger companies that team up with these motoring clubs is to choose a smaller business.

The owner of the business is the mechanic who inspects the car you want to purchase. They have lower operating costs, enabling them to provide inspections at affordable rates and you get a truly independent service. View the full inspection report and Book a mobile pre-purchase vehicle inspection today.

Alternatively, you can conduct your own DIY (Do It Yourself) pre-purchase car inspection. By following the used car shopping guide from BPC Auto Inspect, you can enhance your confidence in ensuring that the vehicle will successfully pass a final pre-purchase inspection by a qualified mechanic. This can save you money by eliminating the need for multiple inspections.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the cost of a pre-purchase inspection compare to the car’s value?

While the cost of a pre-purchase inspection may seem significant, it’s a small percentage compared to potential costs if the car turns out to be problematic. Consider it an investment for peace of mind, especially for higher-value purchases.

Should I inspect a lower-priced car differently?

For a $5k car, you may be thinking a visual inspection by yourself or a friend might be sufficient. You might also feel confident if the vehicle comes with a valid roadworthy certificate, guaranteed clear title and a statutory warranty from a dealer. However, if you’re buying a car from a private seller there are no warranties or guarantees so do these 5 quick checks yourself to weed out potential lemons so you’re not wasting your money on a professional inspection. Then you can proceed to get a final inspection by a certified mechanic for reassurance and make a final buying decision with confidence.

How can I ensure that the vehicle will pass a pre-purchase inspection?

BPC Auto Inspect provides a guide on how to buy a used car. This helpful guide covers everything you need to know from inspecting the vehicle to doing due diligence checks. By following the used car buying guide you can gain more confidence in your purchase and increase the likelihood of passing a final pre-purchase inspection. This can help you save money by avoiding the need for multiple inspections.

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