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FAQs Answered

See important FAQs to better understand the difference between a pre-purchase inspection and roadworthy. Also, why getting an inspection by BPC is worth it.

Is A Pre Purchase Inspection Worth It?

Absolutely, but do keep in mind not all pre-purchase inspection services are the same. Also, many companies make you pick and choose between different plans and what checks you want. This can be confusing and many don’t offer finance checks.

For example at BPC Auto Inspect the benefits listed are:

  • If there are any immediate problems with the vehicle and what servicing/repairs will need to be carried out in future
  • If the seller has put back what they have taken by routine servicing and regular replacement of periodic service items
  • Any immediate costs that you may be up for giving you a powerful negotiating tool saving you money.
  • Any body repairs or previous accident damage which you really need to know.
  • If you’re buying what you think you’re buying with vehicle identification checks
  • If there is any finance owing on vehicle (REVS/PPSR)
  • The car history – written-off or stolen status
  • You will be armed with some powerful tools to buy the right car, negotiate the right price and give yourself peace of mind.

What Is The Difference Between A Safety Inspection And Pre Purchase Inspection?

A. When selling a car in QLD the seller is required by Queensland Government to provide the buyer with a safety certificate or more commonly known as a roadworthy certificate at the time of disposal. If the seller is selling the vehicle unregistered then in most cases this does not apply. A safety certificate Inspection is only a basic inspection that takes about 20 – 30 minutes to make sure the vehicle complies with Queensland road safety laws. Checking items like tyres, lights, windscreen e.t.c. It does not identify if the seller has put back what they have taken through regular servicing, repairs or replacement of periodical service items and most importantly identify immediate costly repairs or servicing.

A comprehensive pre-purchase car inspection can take between 1-2 hours. It gives you a condition report on the complete vehicle. Not all pre-purchase vehicle inspections are the same and can be confusing so be careful! At BPC we make it easy by offering only one inspection where you get everything. You will be armed with some powerful tools to buy the right car, negotiate the right price and give yourself peace of mind that you are not being ripped off or part of some car selling scam before handing over your hard-earned money.

Do You Need Mechanic Pre-Vehicle Inspection If Seller Got RWC?

Simple answer, Yes you do. A roadworthy certificate/safety certificate(RWC) is a basic inspection to comply with the required roads and traffic standards of your state or territory. The basic inspection takes approximately 20-30 minutes. A comprehensive pre-purchase inspection can take between 1-2 hours and covers more vehicle systems and categories. The inspection includes the overall mechanical and general condition of the vehicle such as the categories below but not limited to:

  • Engine – Noise/sound, visual, test drive
  • Fuel System – Visual, operational
  • Exhaust System – Visual, operational
  • Cooling System – Visual, operational
  • Transmission/Differential – Visual, noise/sound, test drive
  • Electrical System – Visual, operational
  • Heater/Demister/Air Conditioning – Visual, operational
  • Brakes – Visual, noise/sound, test drive
  • Clutch – Operational, test drive
  • Steering & Suspension – Visual, noise/sound, test drive
  • Vehicle Body – Visual, operational
  • Cabin Interior – Visual, operational
  • Wheels & Tyres – Visual, noise/sound, test drive
  • Road Test – Performance, noise/sound, operational

At BPC Auto Inspect we include the below with every pre-purchase inspection where other companies may provide additional or not at all.

  • Engine & Body Scan (when available)
  • Body & Paint Check
  • Vehicle History Check
  • Vehicle Finance Check
  • Images Of Notable Problems
  • Verbal Report – Talk To Mechanic

Do I Need To Be There When You Inspect The Car?

A. No you don’t. Craig understands the hassles when it comes to buying a used car from a private seller, used car dealer or from car auctions so convenience is our priority. Immediately after the inspection, your reports will be sent via email with a follow-up phone call to discuss giving you a fast, professional and convenient service.

How Much Does A Pre Purchase Car Inspection Cost?

Pre-purchase car inspections can cost between $200 – $350. This is because a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection can take between 1-2 hours depending on what is checked. Also, another factor that can determine price depends on where the vehicle is located in the Brisbane area. BPC Auto Inspect will always display the price for a pre-purchase car inspection on the online booking page.

Do I Get A Car History Check?

A. Yes, at BPC we include a vehicle history check or sometimes referred to as Vehicle Finance Check, REVS Check or PPSR with every mobile pre-purchase car inspection written report. You will know if you’re buying a car with finance owing, vehicle history including WOVR check, the registration status and other important information to assist you in making the right buying decision.

Should I Get A Car Inspection If It Has A Warranty?

A. Yes you should. A warranty is not a substitute for a pre-purchase vehicle inspection.

Can You Contact The Seller To Arrange Inspection Time?

Yes, Craig can. Customers find this service is very convenient. When you book an inspection just include the seller’s number.