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Buying a car in Brisbane from a car dealer, private seller or at the auction but unsure where the best bargains are or what steps to take? Save time and money here.

Buying A Car In Brisbane From A Car Dealer

Buying used cars from reputable car dealers will usually be a little more expensive than buying from a private sale. The reason is Brisbane car dealers have to offer and do more for you than a person selling their car privately. Here’s what you usually get:

Car Dealer Warranties & Guarantees

  • A Statutory Warranty – Depending on the age and kilometres of the vehicle travelled. Dealer statutory warranty protects you from financial loss. If the vehicle happens not to live up to its intended purpose or is worn out and no longer works you have protection.
  • Cooling-Off Period – Most states and territories
  • Guarantee Clear Title – You are not buying a used car with finance owing (encumbrance)
  • Disclose if it’s a statutory or repairable write-off
  • Test-Drive Vehicle – You can drive the vehicle on your usual driving route or even ask the dealer if you can take the vehicle home overnight to see if it fits in your garage.

Even though you mostly pay a little more buying from a car dealer it’s still the safest way of buying a used car because you also get access to a claim fund if you are out of pocket due to something the motor dealer does wrong. If you’re buying your first car and want to avoid any unnecessary risk this could be the better choice for you.

Another reason people buy from dealers is you get to trade in your old car and they offer products like vehicle finance and vehicle history check. You do have to do your due diligence as to what it is costing you though. Also, those who have a bad credit history can find offers from dealers to obtain finance. Once again you have to be careful that you don’t buy with your emotions meaning you don’t want to overlook the condition of the car for being able to get finance. If you do get approved for finance then you have the opportunity to repair your credit score which will benefit you in the future.

Do Motor Dealers In QLD Have To Provide A Statutory Warranty?

In most cases, yes they do.

Statutory Warranty Used Car Queensland

The Queensland government has set out a statutory warranty for the sale and purchase of used cars. This warranty is designed to protect buyers from any defects that may be present in the car.

Class A Warranty

If the odometer reading is less than 160,000 km on the day of its sale and has a built date of no more than 10 years before the day of its sale it comes with a class A statutory warranty. The warranty expires after 3 months or the first 5,000km.

Class B Warranty

If the build date is more than 10 years old before the day of its sale a class B statutory warranty will apply. The warranty expires after 1 month or the first 1,000km.

To find out more on statutory warranties, when they don’t apply and what is covered see the Queensland Government website.

What Are Certified Pre-Owned Dealer Vehicles?

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles is the new buzzword going around in the automotive market place so let’s find out what this all means in simple terms.

Pre Owned Meaning?

A Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle or commonly known as CPO is any vehicle that meets certain criteria. The vehicle usually has to have a:

  • Mechanical Inspection
  • Full-Service History
  • Low Age
  • Low Mileage
  • Factory Backed Warranty*
  • Like New Condition

The term Certified Pre-Owned does have its variations so be careful. CPO vehicles are sold at franchised dealers and offer factory extended warranty. *Independent dealers can also use the term Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle but they offer alternative inspections and warranties.

Consumers are now more educated and confident than ever before when it comes to buying and selling second-hand vehicles thanks to online automotive classified sites like CarSales. With the increase of private sellers and buyers along with car auction houses targeting the general public, car dealers are hurting. So this is why car dealers have needed to reinvent themselves and look to the future so CPO is their best chance.

Why Buy A Dealer Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

Car buyers can save thousands by buying a CPO vehicle compared to a new vehicle. Luxury marques were the first to create CPO programs but Toyota Pre-Owned Vehicles are becoming more common along with other mainstream manufacturers.

Also, you still get all the benefits that come with a new car without the depreciation hit new cars suffer. Ok, so it’s not new but if it has been well looked after it should still smell like new.

Are Brisbane Car Dealers Generally Good To Deal With?

Brisbane city car dealers too often get tarred with the same brush. Being in the automotive industry for over 30 years I have heard many negative stories about second-hand car dealers taking advantage of car buyers. The truth is and I think you will agree no two dealers are the same.

If you exclude them when you’re on the lookout for your first or next used car you could be narrowing your search too much. This can make your search more difficult than it already is. So even though buying privately is most times cheaper than buying from a dealer it doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate a good deal. Also, remember you have to put a cost on guarantees, warranties and after-sales service so you can’t be too greedy 😉.

It is still important to get an independent vehicle inspection known as a pre-purchase car inspection. Dealers do genuinely want to know if the vehicle you’re interested in buying has any faults so they get a chance to fix them and not lose the sale. Remember most dealers selling vehicles haven’t inspected the vehicle in other words, they’re not mechanics.

Also, another good tip is to get a post-purchase inspection just before the statutory warranty period ends.

So, I think you would agree, that there are many benefits to buying from second-hand car dealers. Yes in most cases you will pay more but the convenience, guarantees and warranties can make it worth it.

Used Cars Brisbane Northside

There are many large and smaller new or used car dealers worth checking out along Gympie Road in Kedron.

More likely to find:

  • used cars Brisbane under $15,000
  • used cars Brisbane under $20,000

Used Cars Brisbane Southside

If you’re on the south side of Brisbane you can go to the Magic Mile in Moorooka. There are many makes and models to suit every budget.

You have more chance of finding budget buys:

  • used cars Brisbane under $5,000
  • used cars Brisbane under $10,000

What To Check When Going Car Shopping?

I recommend you grab my FREE Car Buying Made Easy Tool Kit so you can do your preliminary car history checks. You can do these important checks before leaving home on any used car you might be interested in.

  • 7 action steps to weed out the lemons fast (great for multiple car inspections)
  • For more detailed inspection you have a detailed DIY inspection checklist
  • Receipt forms to record important vehicle details and seller details so you can protect yourself from getting ripped off!

After you have done your DIY inspection I recommend you get an independent inspection by a qualified mechanic. Craig from BPC Auto Inspect can provide you with a comprehensive mobile pre-purchase car inspection report.

Also, Craig specializes in pre-purchase vehicle inspections for interstate car buyers wanting to purchase vehicles in the Brisbane area before getting on a plane to proceed further or to make a buying decision and have the vehicle transported.