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BMW Mini Cooper S – 6,297 k’s Lemon Exposed

2015 BMW Mini Cooper S looked like a gem from the outside and so it should with only 6,297 kilometres on the clock but keep reading to see this little Mini turn into a dealer lemon!

When I arrived at the dealership to carry out the pre-purchase inspection for the buyer located in Sydney I was told to see the service manager. So I did the courtesy knock before entering to be faced with eyes barely lifting from the computer screen.

So I got the verbal, “yeah what do you want”. “I’m here to do a pre-purchase car inspection on that Mini just there”. “what do you need to inspect it for it’s only done 6,000 k’s”, he said. “Well, then you’ll be interested to know if I find anything”, I replied.

2015 BMW Mini Cooper S Turns Into A Lemon

Inspecting the L.H.F tire and seeing an uneven wear pattern with the outside edge excessively worn made me very suspicious especially when this BMW Mini Cooper S has only done very low kilometres. So upon further inspection, I noticed the undertray was missing fasteners and then it just got a whole lot worse with the uneven tire wear being caused by more than just a wheel alignment issue.

I noticed the bonnet had been removed and the L.H.F headlight anchor bracket was broken and had been re-glued with some type of glue that clearly didn’t work. Not only had this little Mini Cooper S been involved in an accident it had been poorly repaired too. I thought it could have been a repairable write-off.

This shows you still need to get an independent mechanical inspection known as a pre-purchase car inspection even when you’re buying a used car from a dealer.